Not long after writing a fan selection program for one of the leading fan manufacturing firms in the United States, I went on tour all across America to do on-site installations and trainings. Our local rep force would call the appropriate engineers and architects in the area and set up meeting times. I would accompany them to each site, install the software on their machine, and train the engineers on the use of the system. Basically, I was getting them a jump started in the right direction. 

What I found was this: Every other fan manufacturer that had produced a fan selection program had been there, too. The engineer would often reach into his desk drawer and pull out a stack of diskettes or cdís from all our competitors. They were easily impressed with our software, but what they were using was just fine. Why would they bother to learn something new, different and strange? And in turn, move others in their firm away from a comfort zone. 

What I knew then, Iíve done now. 

What we all need is a common platform. A place where we can display our offerings to the engineers and architects.  Updates are immediate, distribution is a non-issue and everyone can become comfortable with the look and feel.  The WWW is a perfect choice. 

AustinWare, Inc. is offering you a special subscription opportunity. If you have a fan selection program, and want more exposure, take a look at us. If you donít have a selection program, we can help. 

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Don Austin