What is FANominal?

Your company has spent thousands of dollars on developing its catalogs.  Why do you need a Web based fan selection program? Several reasons:

                Consider your cost factor.  Development of information in printed catalog form will continue for some time to come.  What can be replaced or reduced is the amount of money spent on printing and distributing catalogs to the sales force.  With FANominal, we can place your catalogs on line, available to any sales representative for downloading to his local printer.  Need to make changes?  No need to reprint hundreds of catalogs.  Make the changes to your FANominal web pages, and the sales representative has the information immediately.  And for pennies!

                Consider the performance issues.  Engineers and Architects specifying your products have a universal place to go to find the performance they need.  They wonít need to guess performance between the catalog points anymore; FANominal will solve for the proper RPM to give the exact solution to the desired duty point.  Want to see a fan curve?  Click the button.  The specified duty point is plotted to the userís screen in seconds.  Is it too close to a critical horsepower limit, or is it too close to a stall area, or if the pressure goes up, will I run out of fan?  Only a fan curve can answer these questions quickly.  FANominal provides this!  Need sound values?  Click the button.  A full 8 octave sound chart is displayed, along with DBA and Sone values. 

                Consider the sales representatives.  Competition is keen for good reps. They need the best tools.  FANominal allows them to create a bid proposal package in minutes, complete with individual performance selections, performance curves, sound chart, and individualized submittal pages.  A project can be stored and retrieved, and modified as needed, greatly reducing the repís efforts and increasing his results and your bottom line. 

                Consider your order process.  Weeks after the sales representative has placed the bid package, the bid is won.  That information can be electronically delivered to your home office in seconds. 

                What is FANominal?  To the engineer/architect, it is a selection tool to find the proper application.  To the sales representative, it is a bid processing package and order placement tool.  To you, the manufacturer, it is a repository for all the documents needed to support your sales force, it is a reduction in printing and distribution costs, and it is a means of getting new offerings and updates into the proper hands in the shortest and most cost effective means available. 

                What is FANominal?  It is a 24/7 advertisement and presence to tell not only your sales representatives and specifying engineers/architects that you are alive and well, but is a presence to the entire world that you are a forward looking company. 

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